Drum roll please….

And the winner is Julian Barnes for Sense of an Ending!

Update: First award reax from the Guardian.

And photos of the awards ceremony here.


Morning. I think.

Lovely evening at the New Zealand Post Book Awards last night. Some hitches on the technical front, WordPress app for iPhone not really up to the task so had to late blog rather than live blog. Tweetdeck also got a bit tetchy. Or maybe a tad too much wine. But all in all a great night and particularly wonderful to see Chris Bourke’s Blue Smoke hit the jackpot.

For some follow-up on yesterday’s mention of Richard Nash, have a listen to this podcast.

Also nice to see others indulging in gratuitous use of Bernard Black pictures. Interesting post too.

I had a very nice time on the VUP table last night. Pip Adam was one of the winners and very nice to meet her. I also sat next to the Witch King of Angmar. Which was nice.