About me

My name is Noel Murphy. I’ve been a bookseller, publisher and now a born-again Geek. I’ve worked for Waterstone’s, Bloomsbury,  Faber & Faber, The New Zealand Book Council and now Yale University Press all of which hugely exciting. Twenty years in the making, here are my personal thoughts on the world of books, and their attendant humans. Oh, and probably random stuff about my kids, politics, philosophy and life in the South. The really deep South.

For an extended version of why I blog see here.

Why Green Light? It’s a wonderfully romantic image and I like the way it signifies possibility and action. But most of all, The Great Gatsby is just my favourite book.

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5 thoughts on “About me

  1. Noel, thanks for your frequent references to my writing, it’s been very gratifying. There’s something new I’m working on that I think you might like, in light o fyour Finding Fiction post. Fire me an email to rnash@rnash.com and I’ll get you an invite…

    • Hi Mike, how are the canals? Why is it my favourite book? Well I don’t know of a book more romantic or more beautifully written. If you wanted to capture America there it is. Read it every year, always find something new, that I never noticed before. And best written ending of any book ever.

  2. “The Great Gatsby” is and always has been my favourite book as well; that image of the elusive green light has remained with me and coloured my perceptions. Always glad to find kindred bibliophiles! Looking forward to following your blog.

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