There and Back Again

Well, I’m back.
It’s been a very long journey from New Zealand to Britain, through a very long Narnia like double winter. But this morning it suddenly feels like Spring.

And that is very, very welcome.

So my family and I are slowly settling down to life and work here. We settled in Cambridge, which means an excellent reaquaintance with cycling and there’s a lot of exploring to do. So far though its good. I’m back in publishing at Yale UP and its hugely interesting learning a new business, understanding a new mode of publishing and getting to know a host of new people. And its certainly keeping me on my toes.

There’s been more than a twinge of sadness (or two) about leaving New Zealand, (though I have decided to block my ears to any mention of New Zealand’s finest Summer in a generation) but in some ways its not that far away. I’m reminded of the strange tangle of international connections this morning as I read this article from Wellington’s Dom Post. Its an interview with my friend Neil Cross, born in Bristol, a resident of Crofton Downs and writer of tonight’s episode of Dr Who.

My oldest son, Joe and I are huge fans of the good Doctor (we’ve been limbering up for this new series with a lot of old epsiodes). To be able to sit and watch it here live on a Saturday night feels the most British of things. And to know the writer is terribly exciting.

So we’re very, very excited for Neil, to whom I think this episode means a great deal and we’re going to be ready and watching tonight at 6.15 BST.  Obviously its going to rock.

Best of luck Neil. And for you at home here’s a taster….

So we’re settled enough now to write and think properly and there seems a good deal to talk about. So I’ll be posting once a week or so, or more if I can/need.

Good to be back, and may Spring truly be here.

Oh go on, here’s another:


2 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Hurrah! Good to see you in print again.

    And much like the Wellington subscribers to the Guardian’s Observer, who had to wait four days for it to get to Unity Books, The Doctor will arrive on these—now decidedly autumnal shores—on Thursday 😉

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