Morris and Muppett

Am almost back to a normal path of blogging.

For those of you who haven’t yet seen this gem, behold the Oscar winning Morris:



And also a big shout out to Wellington’s own Oscar winner, go Bret!




Drilling for literature

The NZBC’s latest viral made by our friends at Colenso (Warning: a book absolutely was harmed in the making of this video):

Whatever you think about the book, there is no denying the power they have to shape lives both for good and ill. And that’s the point of such dramatic illustration both in the choice of book and the nature of the ad.

Amazing what you can do with a drill and a computer these days.

You can follow the New Zealand Book Council on @nzbookcouncil and you can see our previous gratuitous destruction of books here.

Andrew Sullivan on ebooks

Following on from his response to Jonathan Franzen, Sullivan expounds his views on ebooks:

And his reader’s responses to Franzen here.

Also this piece by Ewan Morrison is a fascinating, and well worth reading, follow-up to his Edinburgh Festival lecture of last year, entitled: Are Books Dead and will the Author Survive?