‘We’re not shocked, just dissapointed’ The ABA strikes back

The ABA’s Oren Teicher hits back at Amazon’s $5 bounty move:

We could call your $5 bounty to app-users a cheesy marketing move and leave it at that. In fact, it is the latest in a series of steps to expand your market at the expense of cities and towns nationwide, stripping them of their unique character and the financial wherewithal to pay for essential needs like schools, fire and police departments, and libraries.

Full letter here.

Still not cricket.


2 thoughts on “‘We’re not shocked, just dissapointed’ The ABA strikes back

  1. the pitchfork and burning torch waving seems a bit much to me. amazon is offering a 5% discount for one day that can only be used 3 times per person and doesn’t even include books. they’re going after electronics and toys (i’m gonna wager the kind sold in chains, not in your local awesome toy shop). i think it’s damn clever to use your customer base to price check. brick and mortar stores do it all the time with “we’ll honour our competitors prices/coupons and give you another x% off.” that’s exactly what their replicating. i think it was damn fine of them to limit the products and not include books in the offer.

    • I think you’re right about the pitchfork and burning torch backlash, that’s probably more of an anti-corporate reaction than anything based on a cool appraisal of the activity. And you’re right it didn’t include books. In many ways this is a similar marketing tactic to that used by the UK retailer John Lewis with it’s price promise, ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’, only done more effectively and directly using technology.

      My view was not that its wrong as such but more that there are, as in sport, a range of tactics you can use to be successful. This one, because it focuses not on the attractiveness of your offer but the negativeness of someone else’s offer edges into bad sportsmanship. But then again who said price competition shouldn’t be rough and tumble?

      Have you seen this Slate piece?:http://slate.me/tJYYnN

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