Flashlight: Strobing the book world #3

The final demise of Borders in the US is the big news, two good pieces here from Ed Nawotka on Publishing Perspectives and Mike Shatzkin over at The Shatzkin Files. Update: More on Borders from Slate.

With that context, developments at Waterstone’s in the UK are going to become hugely interesting as James Daunt takes a look at buying. I’m not yet sure how this new system is going to work but given the analyses of Border’s demise above, its obviously a crucial element in Waterstone’s survival. I’ll be watching how this develops with interest. This ‘alternate reality‘ article by a former Waterstone’s suitor is also well worth a read on what might have been.

And while we ponder the buying of print books, digital just keeps on rolling.

Here in New Zealand it’s National Poetry Day and our office is quieter than usual as people have popped off for a bit lunchtime verse.

On a personal note, I think my ‘MCing’ of the New Zealand Book Industry awards went okay though I might have chosen a better anecdote than the one about Waterstone’s Stratford’s septic tank. Still, you live and learn and it could have been much worse…

Or even worse…


One thought on “Flashlight: Strobing the book world #3

  1. am going to a one-day seminar on publishing and the digital age in our town tomorrow. am quite interested in what the speakers have to say about the borders closing, our own powell’s and ebooks ::chinhands::

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