‘I can’t see you, but I know you’re there’

Sorry all, I’ve been away for much of the last week at a conference. I decided on running a mobile experiment and didn’t take my laptop. Which from a blogging/writing point of view was a bit of a mistake. What I’ve discovered is that while the iPad is a great tool for staying in touch, I’m not sure I like it that much for any significant writing projects. Mind you I did get a lot of reading done and in any case it was a busy conference majoring largely on technology and the arts. So I’m still fairly buzzing with ideas to try out both on the day job and here. Blogging back on the agenda this week.

One more thing.

Very sad to hear of Peter Falk’s death. Columbo is just one of those great shows that never seems to age and that I’ve never stopped enjoying. Because there was something just wonderfully cool about the dishevelled, polite but continually underestimated cop slowly outwitting the inevitably clever and suavely over confident villain, in my mind always exemplified by Patrick McGoohan. Genius

And for some reason he never fails to remind me of my dad.

In tribute, not a clip from Columbo but this brilliant scene from Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. It feels appropriate somehow.


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