Subterranean recycling blues

A forced Bob Dylan pun seemed appropriate on his birthday. We’re moving offices on Friday and are therefore swimming in boxes and paper. Therefore, posting will be a bit light till the weekend.

Before I dive back in to the packing, a moment to rave about my new fave reading app. Flipboard is a kind of DIY magazine for the iPad with a stylish interface and a large selection of content channels to choose from (Granta, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Guardian and The Telegraph amongst others) plus you can access Twitter and Facebook  and personalise the experience. I’ve been messing with it for the past fortnight and its quickly slotting into ‘must use’ status alongside Reeder and Instapaper. I’ve also been doing some investigating into Readability which I like the look of and on which I’ll report later.

As I mentioned before these long form reading apps are really suiting my range of interests and reading habits at the moment. It also made me think about how much I’d appreciate a ‘classics’ version. A long form aggregation reader that allowed me to assemble classic essays, perhaps based on themes as much as authors would be most welcome. The work of Orwell and Montaigne could be delivered through a subscription model with content supplied by publishers through a Flipboard type  interface. The reader then gets to organise, explore and read it.

I also like what these guys are doing with the essay form, which is an interesting response to the same changes in the industry. I’m describing, user oriented DIY anthologies and they are proposing beautiful, elegant desirable objects to be cherished. Both have a place, maybe they’d like to branch out?
P.S. If anyone knows of such a service, shout out in the comments, I’d be really keen to check it out.

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